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Warming Up First


Warm-ups are essential before doing the more vigorous stuff. Every sport will have its own version of warm-ups and those in the sport already should be able to advise. Karate, for example, has a good system of warm-ups, and muscle and tendon injuries are rare as a result.

Marching on the Spot
A good way to begin is by marching on the spot. Start slowly, then pick up the pace, lifting the knees and swinging the arms.

There should always be a routine of stretching and loosening and then start your activity slowly. If you are cycling, start on a flat road at a slow speed to get the body moving and the heart rate increasing gradually. Going straight on to a steep hill would not be a good idea.

Always start very slowly
With swimming, the front crawl makes a safer warm-up than the breast-stroke. If you can only do the breast-stroke, do 2 or 3 lengths extremely gently at first to give the knees, hips and groin muscles a chance to warm up slowly. If the pool is not crowded, then a gentle back-stroke is a better way to begin than going straight into the breast-stroke.

If you are going jogging or running, loosen and stretch and begin by walking, then slowly speed up.

I’m not a fan of pumping iron in the gym. It can be risky from a safety point of view and will not burn many calories.

Sit-ups and crunches, which is a much smaller sit-up, are also best avoided, even though they tend to be in every gym package. They can put quite a strain on the lower back and cause injury. Strong tummy muscles can be developed in other ways and a flabby stomach needs to be reduced to reveal them.

For a stronger stomach
Try this for toning up the stomach:-
1. Stand up straight
2. Take a deep breath in
3. Exhale completely while sucking the stomach in and while contracting the buttocks muscles
4. Hold the stomach and buttock muscles tight while beginning to breathe
5. Hold for one minute, then relax for 30 seconds
6. Repeat this four more times.