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The Magic of Hot Water

– Most people don’t drink anything like enough water, even on very hot days.

First and foremost, water hydrates the body. A good supply of water is essential for the kidneys to function properly as they eliminate waste toxins. All the organs of the body, from the skin to the brain, and the blood itself need a good supply of water to maintain healthy condition.

Both Indian and Chinese traditional medicine have been supporters of hot water as a means of maintaining the healthy balance within the body.

Hot water can increase the body’s temperature slightly, which in turn will speed up the metabolic rate and use more calories. Ice water will also burn more calories. The body will use more energy dealing with the temperature change. Hot water rather than cold or warm water will have fewer bacteria reducing the risk of infection.

A bonus is that water contains no sugar or calories.
How much to drink depends on a person’s size, age, the climate and level of physical activity, but as a guideline, men should take in about 2.5 litres and day and women 2 litres, although around 25% of this is likely to come from food.

The amount needs to be increased in hot climates or with extreme exercise. In temperate climates, hot water is better for the system than cold. After heavy exercise or in high temperatures then cold water will help lower the body temperature.

If the urine is clear, that’s a good indicator the system is sufficiently hydrated. Dark yellow means dehydration. Headaches, increased thirst, unusual tiredness can also indicate dehydration. Around two-thirds of the human body is water and that level needs to be maintained.

Drinking too much water is not going to be a problem except in an extreme case.

If you don’t want the fuss and expense of bottled water, regular tap water is going to be fine in most countries. Not mad about its taste in your area? Try sparkling water or adding a slice of lemon.

Another bonus
The earlier you start drinking lots of water, the fewer wrinkles as old age comes along.