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The Demon Sugar.


For anyone on a diet or just for general overall good health, sugar has to be seen as a problem.
Where there’s unwanted or excessive weight, sugar rather than some fats is considered the main bad-boy. For anyone cautious about sugar, it can be extremely difficult to avoid these days. Sugar can appear anywhere under many guises.

In the list of ingredients for products here are some of the common names:

• sucrose
• glucose syrup
• fructose
• maltose
• fruit juice
• hydrolysed starch
• invert sugar
• molasses
• corn syrup
• honey
• lactose
• dextrose
• agave
• panocha

They all mean sugar, and sometimes several of them can be listed in the same product.
It’s not uncommon to see sugar listed as one of the ingredients in a tin of mackerel!
Incidentally, brown sugar is no better – it’s simply white sugar coloured with molasses.

Fruit is good for us of course, but some contain a lot of sugar. Take the innocent apple; the most nutritious part is near the skin. If too much sugar is your concern, then peel the apple with a knife, eating only the outer 25% or so and leave the rest. It can be put in the juicer for someone who doesn’t have a sugar problem.