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the BOOK

There’s an old clich√© that says everyone has book in them.

Very often, as far as readable literature goes, it’s better if that book stays inside and doesn’t see the light of day.

Well, I’m Bold, Carefree and Reckless and I’ve written mine. Here’s what it’s about:-

“Red Brown Red” is full of friendship and humour, with oodles of sex, wondrous words of wisdom and bundles of love.

Anne is in her late thirties, rather dowdy and is too self-effacing to fuss much about her appearance. She’s intelligent, observant and creative in her own little world, but she’s not the sort of person who gets noticed much.

Her friends are limited to a couple of the women at work, a few at the local textile class and the neighbours on one side.

When she meets someone, could anyone or anything be more important than another glass of red wine or a large bar of dark chocolate or the cat?

Will she embrace the changes or will she follow the old maxim: “If a woman has a good cat, she doesn’t need a man”.

Could she even pass the five crucial tests laid down to be a good and perfect woman?

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