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Rehydrating Drinks.

Greetings All,

Loughborough University in the UK is famous for its sports education. It also undertakes a lot of scientific sports research.

They studied a large range of drinks to find which would be best for rehydrating the body after exercise and retaining that fluid.
They tested water, juices, specialist sports rehydrating drinks and just about anything they could find.

Hangovers are the result of dehydration.  There’s a protein in the bladder which recycles fluid pure enough to stay in the body and rejects the rest.  Alcohol switches off this protein so the body loses too much fluid.

And the winner of the drinks test?

Standard milk.

So here’s another plus for one of the oldest drinks around.

It should not be drunk before or during exercise or it’ll put a bit of a strain on the digestion and could make you nauseous. Save it for after and make it part of your recovery.
If you can’t cope with milk, the next best rehydration drink is plain water.