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Looking Out of the Window –


Detailed studies of office working patterns and efficient productivity show how the best balance is 52 minutes of work then 17 minutes of rest.

The break needs to be light-hearted for best effect, such as by watching a fun video or of kittens.
A mid-day nap can leave people more attentive, more alert and better at solving problems.

Vacant daydreaming can lead to more creativity. If the mind is aimlessly wandering around, it can be stimulating for the grey matter. For that time, the mind is not attached to any particular task so it can make new connections.
How we respond to these vacant mind moments will depend very much on the individual.
Some people can get bored too easily and then become addicted to modern gadgets.

Walking in the Woods
A walk among trees and greenery can reduce the risk of depression and stimulate the mind. Stanford University did a comparative study of groups walking among trees and another group in the city among traffic. The mood and the brainwave patterns of the groups became very different.
Continuous and repetitive attention on negative emotions takes place in the subgenual prefrontal cortex. This dropped a lot for those walking in the woods and grassland.

Next time someone challenges you for aimlessly gazing out of the window, simply reply by saying:
“Looking out of the window is my most creative time”.

Keep gazing,