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Now it’s about time we talked of Exercise. You know, that business you aren’t doing enough of and always promise you will. Why bother?

It’s obvious that exercise will improve us physically. It’ll build strength and stamina, keep all the joints moving and improve the heart and lungs. Even better news is that it improves mental health as well, partly by getting more oxygen into the brain.

It has been shown that even modest exercise, such as a brisk walk can lift the spirit, help improve bad moods and be part of a fight against depression.

The best way is to develop a little exercise routine which is right for you and do it on a regular basis.

Exercise will release endorphins in the brain and these can put us in a good mood.
Isolation is a friend of depression. Sitting alone in the house, just watching TV can make things worse. There’s no sun, no fresh air and no company. Taking that bit of exercise will get us out of the house and hopefully get us talking to someone. For those who find meeting people difficult, a small dog can be a great asset.

People talk to you when you are with a dog and it can be easier to strike up regular conversations. There is no need to spend hundreds on a fancy breed. Many lovely animals can be found at the local dog rescue. Rescue dogs are invariably very affectionate towards someone who treats them well for the first time. Some dogs at the dogs’ home will jump up at the cage in excitement as you approach. A better bet can often be the little dog hiding nervously in the corner. She or he is likely to end up the best friend.
With a dog you’ll have no choice but to go out and do your exercise together. Doggy people make friends.

Taking exercise can improve a person’s self-esteem which all helps to beat any depression or strong feelings of lethargy. Some people feel bad about themselves because they have let themselves go and now look and feel so physically run down. That regular session in the local sports hall, a swim twice a week or good walk every day all help keep up the self-esteem.

Endorphins are a chemical hormone in the brain which reduce stress and increase pleasure. With exercise, the endorphins get produced and released into the bloodstream and improve mood.
While taking the exercise, there is also the bonus of it taking your mind off your problems. It can clear the head and might mean you can then look at a problem with a calmer and more rational approach.

Exercise will reduce stress and improve your mood