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Avoid sports energy drinks unless you’re taking extreme exercise.
They are high in sugar, caffeine and all sorts of chemicals.

They are designed to give a temporary buzz and sudden boost in energy. This might be all right for professional athletes or someone running a marathon, but for normal sports and activity, they are unnecessary and best avoided.

The same applies to sports energy bars and health bars.
Examine them carefully; often they are a con, being high in sugar, fat, preservatives and carbohydrates. The list of ingredients in energy bars and energy drinks is astronomical – many different types of sugar with an enormous range of chemicals and additives.
Some of them have enough chemicals to make you glow in the dark.

Do 20 lengths in the swimming pool and unfortunately that burns up only about 300 calories. If you reward yourself afterwards with an energy drink or a large slice of cake, you’re back where you started.

Refuel the body with water, milk, fruit and regular food.
For a cycle ride where you can’t carry much, as well as water try taking some dates and raisins as an energy snack.