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The Best Kept Secret To Eating Well

– Salutations everyone,

The French love their food; they eat well and often eat rich foods, but they don’t get fat.
So what’s their secret weapon?
The matter has been studied.
It’s all a question of style.

For the French, eating, as well as the cooking, is a craft, and they like it to be a social event.
They will sit down to a meal and take plenty of time.
They never rush and don’t eat on the move.
Flying about with an instant burger in one hand and a mobile in the other is for unhealthy types.

When the meal is finished, they will sit and savour the food and talk.
This approach gives the digestive system an opportunity to do its job properly.
A calorie-rich cake might be on the menu, but it’ll only be once a week as a treat, not every day as matter of routine.


  • When eating, sit down to the meal
  • Make it a sociable event
  • Take your time
  • Never rush eating
  • When finished, sit and savour the food for 5 to 10 minutes

Worth a try,