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Diet Drinks to Die for

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Sugar-free drinks aren’t necessarily better for the diet. There seems to be little evidence that artificial sweeteners are of any advantage when it comes to losing weight. The soft drinks makers often sponsor reviews into their products, suggesting they are a healthy option.

Some diet drinks can affect the sweet sensors in the brain. As a result, energy consumption cannot be measured accurately and appetite is not controlled. With the receptors of sweet taste stimulated, the eating of more food is encouraged.

The buzz comes from elsewhere

As compensation for the lack of sugar, diet drinks often contain the same amount of caffeine as several cups of coffee.

There are thousands of microbes in the gut which play important roles in our health. Artificial sweeteners do not react the same way with some of these microbes and they fail to perform some of their normal roles. A healthy balance with insulin and glucose can be disrupted with Type-2 diabetes becoming a possibility.

Also, choosing a low-calorie drink or food can lead to a glowing feeling of satisfaction, resulting in taking an unhealthy treat as a reward.

A better cure for thirst is water which is what the human body was designed for, rather than diet soda.  Or have a regular cup of tea or coffee as a pick-me-up rather than an energy drink full of chemicals and an excessive amount of caffeine.