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Cold? How can you be cold?

Have you ever come across this conversation?
A woman says ‘I’m very cold here’.
The man says, ‘It’s not cold, how can you be cold?’

A perfectly reasonable statement from one side and a complete lack of sympathy from the other.

Well, women do tend to feel the cold more than men.

Firstly, women usually have less muscle mass than men and this generates less heat. On average, men have about 30% more body mass than women giving them an advantage here.

Also, women’s blood is slightly thicker than men’s which comes as a side effect of the female hormone oestrogen. As a result, extremities like hands, fingers, toes and ears have a reduced blood flow.

Then comes the macho factor. Very often men will not admit they are cold and keep quiet about it, whereas women are likely to be more honest and say, ‘I am cold here and I don’t like it’.

So the next time you feel cold and just get sneered at, girls, ladies, women, put your foot down and demand action!