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Caffeine – Good or Bad? Part 2.

As with anything, caffeine can be dangerous if it’s consumed in large amounts. While it does have some benefits, the amount of coffee drunk should be limited to avoid headaches and weight gain.

Although caffeine itself will not cause weight gain, the type of drink chosen to deliver caffeine can. For instance, if you choose cola or energy drinks, you may end up gaining weight and increasing your chances of heart health problems.

Some varieties of cola contain as much caffeine as three cups of coffee in one can.
If you do need caffeine, it is more suitable to drink teas that contain it or coffee.

Too much caffeine can affect a woman’s fertility and foetal growth. Because it speeds up heart-rate, it’s not so good for people with heart arrhythmias or irregular heartbeat. Excessive caffeine can increase blood pressure, hypertension, panic attacks, migraines, insomnia and anxiety.

Most people will notice the down-effects of caffeine if it damages their sleep. It blocks the neurotransmitter which tells the brain the body is tired and needs rest and sleep.

The buzz effects of caffeine from coffee or cola take between 10 and 20 minutes to kick in and might take 45 minutes to have its maximum effect, but it remains in the body for a long time. 50% of caffeine gets eliminated from the body every six hours. The caffeine from a strong coffee drunk at 11 in the morning will have reduced by a half by 5 in the afternoon. Six hours later, at 11 o’clock at night, 25% of that caffeine will still be in the system, and it can restrict sleep.

It partly depends on the person’s genes and metabolism. Some people can drink coffee late at night and it doesn’t bother them. For many people, that’s not the case. Anything over four strong cups a day is probably too much, with unwanted side-effects coming into play. Because caffeine is a drug it can be addictive and trying to cut down can lead to withdrawal symptoms.

When the mental and physical boost from caffeine wears off, there’s likely to be mental and energy crash and maybe even a little depression. The fact that caffeine is on the banned list for athletes over a certain level surely tells us something.

So, moderation is key here.

Keep buzzing,