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Hello on this colourful day.

Folks who have a tendency to over-eat might find these tips useful.

According to research, eating food off a red plate can suppress appetite and help people eat less. Perhaps the red just shouts caution at us. One snag is finding red plates. Plastic picnic or party plates come in bright colours but they don’t make acceptable home crockery.
Never mind, they must be around somewhere.

Keeping the plates on the smaller size can also help. With a very large dinner plate, there can be a temptation to fill it up. A much smaller plate will obviously hold less food and should still be sufficient.

This can be worth bearing in mind as well.
People can often eat 30% more when eating while the television is turned on. It makes sense really. There we are engrossed in a TV drama and eating absentmindedly at the same time, or munching away with a large bag of something.