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Hello and welcome to my blog
My name is Jayne, Jayne Hodgson, and this is my blog about Better Health For All.

It’s a bit of a thing with me these days, because my health has not been brilliant in the past.
When I say “not brilliant”, I don’t mean I’ve been suffering from illnesses and galloping diseases. It was actually because of a sloppy lifestyle, ignorance and laziness.

At the same time, I was suffering from depression for many years, although I didn’t realise it. Depression is something which can creep up on you slowly and really mess up your head and life.

When a friend told me this was happening, it took a while for me to accept it, and then even longer to go through the right treatment.
In parallel with this, one day I suddenly realised I was overweight and all-round unhealthy. That’s when the new regime started.

Now I’m a born-again health fan and they are the most adamant and can be fanatical.
Well, I don’t go that far. You won’t find me boasting about hitting the gym at 6 in the morning or training for yet another marathon, but I do like to take exercise on a more reasonable level.

On this blog, you will find lots of useful tips, advice and knowledge about all aspects of health. There will be articles on exercise and fitness, weight loss and healthy eating, general health matters and personal development working on the mind as well as the body.

I won’t be dropping a load of guilt on anyone if they don’t aspire to be a reinvented super-person. There’s just useful information that can be applied with the minimum of effort.

I hope you enjoy it all.
Best wishes,