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Hi, I’m Kate.
I’m 43 and feeling younger every day.

My Friend Sharon Told Me About The Scientific Breakthrough She Discovered And I Trimmed Down Massively In A Few Months — Permanently

I’d like to share my short story that I’m sure will relate to the position many people are in…
Sharon and I have been friends since early school days and our lives have been very much in parallel. When we were young, we both put on weight too easily, then managed to take it off, but it always came back again.

Even so, in those days it did not seem too much of a problem; it just got worse over the years.

Both together and individually, we had tried all sorts of routines and fads. Counting calories drove me crazy. There were health improvement systems to trim down and even some medications. Something might work for a while, then a small break and the slightest relapse with a bit of comfort food meant the weight would pile back on with a vengeance.

Sharon and I live about 300 miles apart these days and although we talk a lot on the phone, we meet up only every two months or so.

One day, nearly three months after our last meeting, it was my turn to visit. The kids were left with husband Barry and off I went for the weekend.

When Sharon opened the door, I thought I had come to the wrong house. Her face was bright and radiant. She was wearing a cheerful close-fitting summer dress, which looked like a size 10 — she won’t even admit to the size she was previously.

I was amazed and impressed.

Once in the hallway I just stared.
“What happened?” I asked.
“A new system and a new me,” Sharon replied and did a twirl on the spot.
“And you kept this secret?”
“I wanted to make sure the system would work and stay working, then I wanted to surprise you.”

Surprise me? Shock me more like. Sharon certainly had some explaining to do.

At the time, I was extremely depressed and anxious about my condition. For some while, I knew my general health was deteriorating. I was listless both mentally and physically. My size would always yo-yo up and down but mainly on the up side. Clothes would never fit.

I used to enjoy playing badminton and going for good walks, but in recent months that all became too much of a strain. My lungs would soon burn and I would have aches and chronic joint pains everywhere.

Work, household chores and looking after the family properly all became such an effort.

After putting it off for weeks, I finally got round to making an appointment to see the doctor and have a full medical check-up.

The WORST part of the visit was going on the scales and the nurse saying the result out loud as she wrote it down. Then the doctor did a series of tests and took blood samples. He told me on the spot that my blood pressure was excessively high.

When I saw the doctor a few days later, he had no good news. I had type 2 diabetes, my heart rate was high and erratic and my cholesterol readings were approaching dangerous levels.

The main cause of all this was being a huge amount over my ideal size, poor eating habits and lack of exercise. I am not a tall person with a big frame so this excess ‘bodily baggage’ had a marked effect. A cartoonist might have drawn me as golf ball.

The doctor’s warnings were severe. If I carried on like this, I was lining myself up for heart attacks and strokes. It was a gamble which would hit me first. Immediately, he put me on various medications for blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.

The fear I felt was extreme. The thought of not seeing my children grow up and leaving my family without their mother and wife was horrific. And all this not because of some accident completely out of my control, but because of my own poor lifestyle.

On a person of my height and build, this excess bulk from my poor lifestyle had a massive impact.

As soon as I got home from the doctor’s and the shock really hit me, I sat down and burst into tears. Barry was extremely concerned also and tried to comfort me with helpful suggestions.

The trouble was I had tried so many different eating habits and magic health remedies and they all either failed to live up to their promise or the effort involved was so much my will-power lost the battle.

Not knowing which way to turn, I started eating less and almost starving myself. Little did I realize starving myself of food put me into survival mode and my body was storing food as fat. Rather than get slimmer, this simply led to physical weakness, bad temper and depression.

The cocktail of medications I was taking seemed to be having side-effects and making my mental state worse.

After a few weeks of fear, confusion and no new direction, I decided to get in touch with Sharon. I needed the comfort of an understanding talk with my oldest friend. She had always had similar weight problems to myself and we used to make jokes about it, not realizing the seriousness of the situation.

I knew if I phoned and started talking about my fears, I would just become too emotional and end up in tears, so I sent her an email inviting myself to stay for the weekend.

That’s how I came to be knocking on her front door late on a Friday afternoon.

Seeing Sharon standing there looking trim, healthy and beaming with joy was quite a revelation, and I was desperate for her to tell me her secret. She had been equally concerned about her own situation and had also been warned by her doctor to drastically trim down. Her doctor had impressed on her that the danger she was in was very serious, that her heart was wearing out and many of her health readings were at dangerous levels.

Then she had a lucky chance meeting.

She told me this amazing story about a marine soldier, Kyle Cooper, stationed in the desert of Afghanistan. Quite by chance, he had come across a completely new health system from a doctor from Korea; a health system new to the West but very familiar to people in the Far East.

This is the method Sharon had been using to produce her youthful figure and look so much healthier since I last saw her. I couldn’t believe it but there was the proof right in front of me. Sharon got the system directly from Kyle, the former marine.

Not only that, but her son Aiden, who had been eating all the wrong stuff, soon followed the same system, resulting in a new athletic shape in a month.
She told me how many people are eating the wrong foods at the wrong time, often involving too much sugar and trans-fats, so the natural digestive cycle is out of balance.

A new eating pattern was essential. Then the metabolism needs a jump-start with the right herbs and minerals. All this helps to eradicate cancer-causing free radicals, flushing out dangerous toxins and heavy metals. Then it revitalizes the skin and removes all that nasty stuff that builds up around the vital organs, stomach and thighs.

All these herbs and minerals are common knowledge in places like Indonesia, Japan and Korea where they have such low levels of obesity, cancer and heart disease.

A certain type of exercise needs to be taken at the right time, but, and this was a surprise to me, too much of the wrong kind of exercise, in the form of heavy cardio work, can speed the ageing process.

I learnt how most people can’t get rid of any excess because of metabolic acidosis which involves too much acid in the food and body. The kidneys can’t get rid of these harmful acids, which weaken your immune system and interfere with important metabolic processes. Ignoring it simply helps to clog up the arteries.

Sharon coupled this new approach with some simple exercise to maintain and build muscle growth and with it her confidence grew and grew. She boasted how wonderful she felt in just the first 21 days and how everyone commented on her more youthful look and her improved energy and vitality.

By then I’d heard enough to get me on board.

For some time, my self-esteem had been so low I was feeling my problem could never be fixed. But the medical report I got from my doctor really scared me and with Sharon’s amazing success I felt certain it could work for me too. I couldn’t wait to get home and get stuck in.

As soon as I got home on Sunday evening, I was on the net and got started. In no time, I had the routine and plan laid out and on Monday morning my new life was going to begin.

Within a week my weight started to drop and any worries or doubts I might have had were easing away.

The eating routine was simple enough and the whole process was much easier than I expected, without the inconvenience and ‘suffering’ of some programs I’ve tried in the past.

I lost a decent amount of my excess within the first month and was able to drop some dress sizes. More of me kept dissolving away from waist and thighs and after four months I was size 12, a situation I never dreamed possible a year ago. And now, joy of joys, I’m down to a 30 inch waistline. What a triumph.

I particularly liked the lack of pills and there was no need for surgery or gut-wrenching work-outs in over-priced gyms. The exercise I had to take was easily manageable and in fact quite enjoyable.

The next check-up with my doctor astounded him — blood pressure down, diabetes almost cleared up and healthy cholesterol levels.

A giant boost to my metabolism.

The word metabolism is always banded around, but just what is it?
Metabolism is all about chemical reactions in the body converting food to energy, controlling digestion, building proteins and eliminating wastes.

Quite a task! A sluggish metabolism means a unhealthy body.

Well, my metabolism certainly needed a good kicking and that’s exactly what it got.

My fatigue and mood swings had gone and the whole family felt the benefit of my new happiness as my zest for life came roaring back. Energy reserves were unlocked, and a new vitality seemed to be breathed into every cell.

One of my greatest pleasures was being able to take exercise again. My badminton and walking groups have always been important social events for me and now finally I could get back to them.

Activities with Barry and the children became a special pleasure once more. I feel as energetic and healthy as I did over 20 years ago.

Another side-effect of my previous condition was that my sex-life with Barry had become non-existent, and thankfully that was reversed.

It’s all been far easier than I expected. With the simple step-by-step action plan and tracking to keep me looking and feeling better permanently, I’ve never felt hungry once and none of the excess baggage has come back on.

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